Snippet – What to Do About Old Browsers

Web sites reflect the company's professional image. If your site renders improperly or not at all, your company's reputation can be tarnished. If your site has browser display problems, visitors and potential customers will leave your site and not look back. In the post Using Modernizr, Polyfills, YepNope, you learned how you can support browsers... Continue Reading →

Tip – Serving .json File on Windows (IIS, IIS Express)

So what is wrong with the simple getJSON call? Why doesn't it work?<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">   $(document).ready(function(){     $.getJSON('data.json',function(result){       alert("success");     });   }); It works fine in Firefox 11 but not in IE and Chrome. By default, IIS6 does not serve .json (no wildcard MIME type). So... Continue Reading →

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