Object JavaScript – Using the ‘this’ Keyword

this is a special word in JavaScript that is important whenever you are thinking in object-oriented terms. The value of this inside a function, effectively depends on the object which called it. The ECMAScript Language Specification says, “The this keyword evaluates to the value of the ThisBinding of the current execution context.” The use of... Continue Reading →

HTML5 Tutorial – Messaging

Web browsers, for security and privacy reasons, prevent documents in different domains from affecting each other; that is, cross-site scripting is disallowed. That means that communication between frames, tabs, and windows was restricted for security reasons. If browsers allowed you to access content loaded into other frames and tabs, site could steal information another site... Continue Reading →

HTML5 Tutorial – Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is a part of the HTML5 standard. Drag-and-drop functionality is something that computer users have come to take for granted as "just working," and there are a few ways to enable it within the browser. Imagine a computer or smartphone with a pointing device. -- a drag operation could be like a... Continue Reading →

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